1800ft factory warehouse
Client: ARCH Developments

The roofing and cladding on this building was a traditional built up system comprising of liner panels, Ridgibar spacers, insulation and a weather skin sheet, the whole cladding envelope was manufactured by ourselves giving us full control of material deliveries ensuring the project was finished on time


This image to the right shows the cold rolled steel purlins that are used as a framework to which we fix the roofing and cladding materials, the purlins are manufactured from a thin gauge metal which is pre-galvanised, the purlins are very strong for their weight and easy to manage, they are normally sent to site all pre-cut and punched ready for attaching to the hot rolled steel work, they can be cut or drilled on site if necessary so make for an excellent building product,


This image shows the internal liner trays fixed onto the cold rolled purlins, the side wall liners are 0.4mm in thickness (the roof is 0.7mm thickness) the panels have a white finish which faces into the inside of the building helping the inside of the building look bright even on the dullest of days, they have the side laps sealed with tape to form an air seal to comply with building regulations. the Ridgibar is fixed through the panel into the cold rolled purlins this will create the cavity between the liner and the outer skin sheeting




The photo to the right shows the finished profiled metal cladding fixed to the Ridgibar system, the insulation is within the cavity of the two skins, various U-values can be achieved by using different depth of Ridgibar, the client Arch developments Of Ashington chose a merlin grey plastisol finish which was used for all cladding including the gutters and flashings etc.




The finished project with goosewing grey roof sheets and solar panels, merlin grey side & gable walls broken up with banks of brick piers, aztec yellow was the chosen colour for the main vehicle doors

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