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ICS can manufacture a complete range of cladding rails and zed purlins, for best prices for cladding rails, purlins please give us a call 0191 2672900

As Industrial roofing manufacturers and contractors we provide a complete service which includes all kinds of industrial roofing ie standard box profile roofing, twinskin insulated systems,standingseam roofing,single ply membranes etc
we also manufacture roofing materials and are able to supply the trade and public with roofing sheets,roofing panels,corrugated roofing sheets,flashings and gutters
to compliment this we now manufacture purlins, z purlins, c purlins, eaves beams the structural sections. We have been manufacturing roofing sheets for over 20 years and our products keep getting better. We provide roofing sheets Newcastle  and nation wide delivery

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The Advantages Of Metal industrial Roofing

Roofing and cladding is probably the most important part of your factory construction or your plans for factory improvement .you realise that you should invest not only cash
but quality time and planning into your new industrial roof and that some research and extra information would do no harm. The market has a lot to offer
the factory owner today, there are many different kinds of industrial roofing systems, from different materials with varying costs attached to the materials and the labour.
A roofing & cladding system that has had an increase in popularity in the last 25-30years or so is the metal roof, one of the reasons for this shift from the likes
felt roofing or asbestos roofing sheets which were often used for roofing in the past, is that metal is stronger and more durable then the products used to provide roofing
for factories some years ago. The name of the game here is safety and cost effectiveness, and metal roofing has both benefits for its users.
Because of its durability the metal industrial roof can withstand the dangers of extreme weather conditions, rain and hail, snow and strong winds are the main
concern of a factory owner as he considers the cost of his new roof, there is also the protection from fire which is as important as the protection form the
elements. The level of protection that the metal made roof provides is similar to those of the traditional roofing systems.
The other cause for the rise in popularity of the metal industrial roofing system is the huge choice factory owners have in colour, the metal roofing looks good, and since it is
going to be used for years it is important that you like what you see, the variety of colour to choose from is huge compared to the very limited
traditional roofing shingles market. This choice in colour will provide your factory wharehouse the special look that you are looking for and will allow you to combine
more modern design concepts into your new factory. The cost of metal roofing is usually considerably higher than the cost of the more traditional roofing
systems, but this is compensated by high durability and a very low probably of any need to replace the roofing system in a normal life time, while
most felt roofs could be replaced every ten to twenty years, metal industrial roofing can last more than 30 years and serve the industrial building and your
fworkforce with pride.
Once you make up your mind and you know what kind of roofing system you are interested in you should look for a contractor and research the warranties
issues for the roof you are about to install. Since metal has become popular you should not have a big problem finding a industrial roofing contractor that knows
his way around metal roofs, in fact a lot of the contractors today know how to deal with all the roofing solutions in the market.
It is highly recommended that you research these issues before you make you final decision and that you ask experts for help and advice before
buying material or closing a deal, this is a very competitive market and you will be surprised at the amount of money you could save using a industrial roofing company
who manufactures and fixes the roofing system

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We manufacture a wide range of roofing sheets and cladding materials including a full range of accessories such as flashings and rain water goods. We also manufacture a full range of structural sections such as z purlins, c sections, eaves beams and associated products. Our delivery service is throughout the UK and in some cases we can manufacture and deliver within days. We provide a full factory roofing service along with industrial roofing, roof cladding & a roofing sheet service with alls structural sections